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Off camera festival

Re-branding of a Festival of Independent Cinema, based in Kraków, Poland. The concept revolves around the rebellious spirit of the Festival and joyous celebration of cinema.

The rebellious side is represented by the OFF wordmark. The reflected F’s symbolize going against the grain and always finding your own interpretation of reality. Bold typography, strong graphic elements and a black and white palette emphasize the radical attitude, confidence and maturity of the Festival. The OFF wordmark is the heart of the branding system and can be used both as a standalone element or as a part of the full logo.

Designed for the 10th Anniversary of OFF Camera, the branding communicates its evolution over the decade: from a low-key event to a big, international Festival.

Concept & design
Tomek Kuczma + Maja Ganszyniec

© Tomek Kuczma 2019

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