Branding, Graphic Design & Illustration

Branding, Graphic Design & Illustration


My Name Is New


Brand identity for a talent incubator curated by Kayax Music.

Young bands and performers who register on My Name Is New platform receive a substantive support from the label. They get advice on how to promote themselves on the internet, social media, streaming services. They get to know how to build and care for their artistic image, how to cooperate with organizations such as ZAiKS, how to make contacts with concert organizers and more.

The turnout during the first months of MNIN has been overwhelming. The amount of new polish bands and performers with well-produced songs and long-term visions of their careers is positively surprising.

Check out the official MNIN playlist.

Concept & design
Tomek Kuczma

© Tomek Kuczma 2019

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