Musical healing ritual

mask & suit

photos by piotr chrobot & alicja lesiak

“The musical healing has begun.
Sommelt has awaken inside of a giant tree
and crawled his way up into the sun.”

A musical project, focused on the healing power of the group experience. 100% improvised performances based on the audience’s energetical input.

The goal is to release all the tension and stress by using the power of togetherness and soothing sounds of drums, shakers, flutes and other instruments.

The Trickster

I have designed and produced a mask and suit, which both separate me from the audience (as a strange being) and at the same time bring me closer to them and allow me to become a catalyst for their emotions.

Listen and get healed

Here are some improvised sessions, recorded at Sommelt Studio 1 and Nanazenit gallery in Warsaw.

Of course it’s better to participate in the ritual live and share the energy with other people. But until I do a show at your city, you can enjoy some of the music at home or work.

Be sure to use headphones or soundsystem with some nice bass. And follow Sommelt on Facebook to get updates on new music and concerts.

Have a nice day!

© Tomek Kuczma 2020