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Finuu masło fińskie

Finuu, the name of a premium butter made in Finland, is a wordplay on “Finland” and the mooing sound of a cow.

The packaging design reflects the pure naturalness and Finnish origin of the product. The visual combines geometric aesthetics with the sophisticated engraving of a Holstein-Friesian dairy cow. As a contemporary interpretation of traditional decorative motifs, the colour palette is limited to navy, metallic beige and light blue.

Both butter variants are distinguished by colour coding and straightforward verbal communication on the front of the packaging.

Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2016 (Communication Design)

Creative Direction
Tomek Kuczma

Graphic design
Tomek Kuczma + Marcin Krygier

Angus Gray Burbridge, Bartosz Trojanowski

Butter dish and knife
Marta Morawska-Omalecka

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© Tomek Kuczma 2019

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