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Davis Fabrics

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Strategy consulting, portfolio development and rebranding for a manufacturer of high quality fabrics based in Bielsko-Biała, Poland.

Our task was to give the Davis brand a more contemporary look and feel. We have started off by reviewing the company’s portfolio structure and assessing its potential in terms of production and know-how.

We have formulated a new brand idea, mission and a long-term strategy focused on allowing Davis to reach more demanding consumers as well as establishing stronger relationships with architects, interior designers and furniture manufacturers.

Based on the new strategy, we have redesigned everything from scratch, including Davis’ logo, prints, sales materials, signage and more. The rebranding included the international branches of Davis, based in six countries around the world.



Concept & design

Tomek Kuczma,
Maja Ganszyniec


Additional design

Alicja Lesiak

© Tomek Kuczma 2018

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