OFF Camera
Independent film festival

creative direction
graphic design

2017 edition designed in collaboration with maja ganszyniec

Re-branding of a festival of independent cinema, based in Kraków, Poland.

The rebellious nature of the festival is represented by the OFF wordmark. The reflected F’s symbolize going against the grain and always finding your own interpretation of reality. Bold typography, strong graphic elements and a black and white palette emphasize the radical attitude, confidence and maturity of the Festival.

The 2019 edition key visual

The Key Visual and prints for the 12th edition of OFF Camera, based around the idea of the festival crowd.

The visual echoes the geometry and colour palette of the iconic logo of the festival’s new partner – Mastercard.

The 2018 edition key visual

The visual is based on the concept of not standing still and always moving forward.

The idea was to make it look as if the previous year’s Festival poster has exploded, making way for the new experiences and stories.

The 2017 edition key visual

The visual is a playful, geometrical take on the joyous celebration of cinema and the multiplicity of points of view.

It also represents the whole bunch of cinema screens which are filled with stories during the festival.

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